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Ms. Jennifer Barry has been training at the Academy for more 15 years. She is a certified black belt under the United Hapkido Federation and Jin Pal Hapkido Federation. She is very fluid and powerful. She disproves the notion that those smaller in stature lack power. Ms. Barry instructs children's classes and women's martial arts. She is developing her Jiu-jitsu skills and is quite proficient at grappling. She graduated from Indiana University of PA with a degree in Special Education. Ms. Barry is currently a special education teacher at HASD.
Mr. Robert "Buddy" Hocutt is one of the youngest certified Jin Pal Hapkido Federation Black Belts. He has trained and taught at the Academy for 17 years. He holds a Bachelorís Degree in history and peace and conflict studies form Messiah College and currently works as a content writer for Clark Associates in Lancaster, PA. Mr. Hocutt assists in the teaching of children's classes at the Academy. He is ranked in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu by the Yamasaki Academy.
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